Need help with a learning challenge?

Who I am

A professional educator

I have been directly involved in education and learning at many levels for the past 20 years. Previously, I spent a decade working as a nurse in the UK National Health Service, during which time I supported and guided many learners and new colleagues.

My experience of working with learners spans from nursery and infant school settings to further education, higher education, adult education and professional work-based learning. This experience has taught me that people learn best when they have meaningful questions and personal challenges to address. I take the stance that individuals and communities of practice construct their knowledge by interacting with the world and actively making sense of things.

In my doctoral studies, I sought to understand the personal, lived experiences of nurses who mentored student nurses. I have drawn on my findings in Kit4Mentors. Most recently, I have developed expertise in designing e-learning materials to make explicit the academic and practical skills students are learning and applying.

What I do

Writing and consulting

I feel driven to write. My publications offer a glimpse of my recent academic endeavours, in which I have explored the phenomenology of Martin Heidegger, researched mentorship issues, and investigated the experiences of distance learners. I am now ready for new ventures!

I have much to offer in shaping learning curricula, materials and experiences. I also have research skills. I can work in a range of domains, especially health, biological science, and social science. Now that I am working freelance, you could say the world is my oyster.

With long experience of leading teams and facilitating groups, I love to work with people and organisations who need help with a learning or development challenge - especially e-learning pedagogy or workplace learning. I pay very good attention to detail and balance this with well-developed emotional intelligence.

If you would like to get in touch, contact me, Anthea, via email:

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